JVC unveils live streaming-focused firmware updates for its GY-HM250 and 4KCAM Series camcorders

Upgrade also adds new settings for the GY-HM170 and GY-HM180 4KCAM models

JVC has expanded the live streaming features for its GY-HM250 4K camcorders. As the first camera manufacturer to provide streaming directly from the camera, JVC’s GY-HM250 models will now include SNS video streaming with vertical and square guidelines on the viewfinder, to ensure an ideal image capture on a variety of platforms and devices. The company is also adding direct streaming to YouTube Live.

The firmware update incorporates additional features for the rest of the 4KCAM range too, including Face-Only Auto Focus (AF), Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS), Zoom Ease and Auto Color Matrix Adjustment under LED lighting, not only for the GY-HM250 but also for GY-HM170/180 models.

“JVC prides itself on being at the forefront of streaming video production and we are excited to expand these capabilities within the 250 Series,” says John Kelly, General Manager, EMEA Professional Business Solutions. “As a Facebook Live Solution Partner, we know that it’s vital to lead the charge on high-quality video content for Social Networking Services and these forthcoming firmware updates further emphasise our support and commitment to this market.”

JVC’s GY-HM250E and GY-HM250ESB camcorder models will also be able to produce streams in vertical (404x720) and square (720x720) formats. This includes not just safe markers, but actual streams with vertical and square resolutions. With this update, the Easy Setup feature can be utilised for real-time broadcasting on YouTube Live pages. Previously available only for Facebook Live, this feature allows users to stream in seconds versus having to type-in and adjust a range of settings beforehand. In addition, YouTube Live users can schedule streaming with a specified start time. The new firmware update also incorporates a Multi-camera Score Overlay feature specifically for the GY-HM250ESB 4KCAM, which enables users to duplicate score overlay information between the primary camera and up to three replica cameras.

With the new Face-only Auto Focus function, users of GY-HM170, 180 and 250 cameras can choose between a variety of face detection settings, depending on the filming situation. Included among these are the ability to increase sensitivity, select framing, react to brightness or react only to the face. All three cameras will also feature a Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS) for HD mode, in addition to the existing Optical Image Stabilizer. DIS will give camera operators more direct control over the image stabilisation.

The JVC 4KCAM models will also incorporate an Auto-Colour Matrix Adjustment for use under LED stage lighting, which is popular in concert and other live performance applications. With the ‘full auto’ function turned on, the cameras can reproduce a natural colour tone under LED, where previously it would cast awkward shadows and fringing. Lastly, the new Zoom Ease feature reduces the speed change shock of the zoom operation by providing a gradual ramping up of the transition.

The new firmware will be available as a free download from the JVC Professional website in the New Year.