JVC has appointed DigiBox to distribute Streamstar products in the UK and Ireland

DigiBox has announced that it is distributing Streamstar live production and streaming products in the UK and Ireland from the start of this month, adding the full range of these innovative, professional live production and streaming tools to its distribution network. The products include Streamstar’s advanced live production and streaming software, powerful stand-alone live production studio systems, versatile rack-mounted live production systems and dedicated real-time sports graphics servers.

JVCKENWOOD has appointed DigiBox to distribute the Streamstar range, which fully supports JVC’s professional cameras and accepts their IP video streams as inputs, creating a perfect match for a seamless streaming production chain. Paddy Taylor, Regional Sales Manager at JVC, comments, “DigiBox has a wealth of knowledge in broadcast and production; we’re looking forward to growing the Streamstar business together, helping customers improve the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of live production workflows.”

DigiBox will offer an end-to-end production system, with Streamstar tools alongside JVC cameras, enabling users to easily produce and stream professional multi-camera video productions. Streamstar SW software offers many productivity features, including instant replays with slow motion playback and superb graphics capabilities, with an intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen-enabled interface. Streamstar KIT is an easy-to-install software plus capture card package, letting you stream broadcast-quality live video right from your PC. Available in two versions, HDMI and HD-SDI, it features HDMI or HD-SDI inputs respectively, plus all the functionality of the Streamstar SW.

Streamstar also manufactures the CASE 500, CASE 510 and CASE 710, which are full HD live production and multi-camera streaming studios. The CASE 710 features six HD-SDI, six IP stream and six NDI inputs in a portable case, together with an intuitive touch screen user interface. Importantly for JVC, there’s also integrated remote control of JVC’s IP camcorders. The system offers HD-SDI and HDMI video outputs and integrates with popular streaming platforms, including JVC VIDEOCLOUD and YouTube.

The X Series of rack-mounted products from Streamstar includes the X2, X4 and X7; the latter of which is a high-quality 6-channel, live production and streaming studio that delivers professional broadcast-quality results. Packed into a 2U rack-mount chassis, the system supports a variety of inputs and offers a full range of professional features including Streamstar’s renowned replays and slo-mo on all channels, media playlists, amazing graphics capabilities, an internal character generator and the intuitive, touchscreen user interface. Finally, Streamstar SCOREPLUS and SCOREPLUS SERVER deliver real-time live sports graphics solutions, offering precise game management features, brilliant graphics and advanced IP technology.

Jayson Chase, Group Commercial Director at DigiBox, says, “We’re excited to add the full Streamstar range to our portfolio of distributed products, supporting our network of experienced resellers in the broadcast and live production markets. Customers are looking for easy-to-use live streaming solutions; Streamstar offers all that and more, with powerful vision mixing, slow-motion sports replay, graphics and – of course – live streaming.”

Paddy Taylor adds, “We’re looking forward to working together with DigiBox as it begins distribution of Streamstar’s live production systems. They are a fantastic pairing for JVC cameras and this new arrangement with DigiBox adds a wealth of technical and industry knowledge.”

About DigiBox
DigiBox is a master distributor with 20 years’ experience in the broadcast and professional video industry. The company represents some of the world’s leading solution and product suppliers, including Adder, AJA, BirdDog, Gefen, Muxlab, Streamstar, Studio Network Solutions, Telestream, Theatrixx, Wohler and Wowza. Its highly-skilled network of resellers covers the UK and Europe, ensuring comprehensive geographical and vertical market coverage. DigiBox prides itself on its dedicated technical sales and skilled engineering teams, working closely to meet the challenges of the broadcast, post-production and professional AV markets. With experience in content distribution, digital conversion and systems integration, DigiBox’s sales team focuses on creating partnerships with customers and suppliers to help manage complex requirements. For further information, please visit www.digi-box.co.uk.

JVC has a longstanding reputation for build quality, service and reliability. From creating the first personal video player to the recent developments of live streaming, 4K and file transfer capabilities in its new 4KCAM professional camcorders, JVC has continually pushed the boundaries of quality, ingenuity and usability. JVC values communication with its customers, providing users with the best tools possible for production and creation. The company is also dedicated to making the latest technological improvements accessible to every budget, creating user-friendly, cutting-edge cameras, monitors and studio equipment that deliver quality results without costing the earth.